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A fully supported TV service that offers Irish viewers a premium TV experience - with no contracts and no monthly bills

Fully Approved Set Top Box

The Powerpoint TV box is the only fully approved Saorview Connect set-top box on the Irish market. 

Other set-top boxes on the market are unapproved and their usage is in no way guaranteed.

If you want a premium TV experience with no contracts or monthly bills and a guaranteed service it has to be the Powerpoint TV box 

Trade In or Trade Up for €159

Trade In your existing set-top box in store today


Trade Up when you say goodbye to your current TV provider and their monthly bills 

And ... claim back a further €50 when you join Digiweb Broadband and get €50 credit 

Available in your local electrical retailer

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Connect to Saorview with a Powerpoint TV Box and say goodbye to bills forever!

Saorview Connect is the next generation Irish TV experience. Newly launched, in partnership with Powerpoint, it is a fully supported, managed and approved TV service that offers Irish viewers a premium TV experience with No Contract or Monthly Bills.

No Contract - No Bills

Here's How It Works

Purchase your Powerpoint Box from one of our approved retailers nationwide

Follow the simple step by step instructions on the installation guide download here

Connect to your standard TV Aerial to receive all Irish Saorview channels

Connect to your existing or new satellite dish to get over 300 additional UK channels

Connect to your broadband or wifi if you wish to to access features such as On-Demand

No aerial / no satellite? Simply talk to your local retailer who can recommend an approved installer (additional costs will apply)

Interested? We'd be happy to talk with you.

If you have any questions or queries we'd be delighted to have a chat. Click here to fill in your details and we'll be in touch soon. 

Here's a List Of your local retail stores who can give you a full demonstration of the product


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On Demand

The ability to catch your favourite shows when you want to by connecting to TV Players such as RTE Player and TG4 Player


Connect your mobile phone to the Saorview App to review what is on, set reminders, select programmes on the app to watch on TV and use your phone as your TV remote


Each evening our team of TV experts  will recommend the very best of what is on TV


COMING SOON. This feature will allow series link on Saorview channels and timer record on satellite channels. Will allow recording of Saorview channels while watching Satellite channels and vica versa. Recording software will be introduced to all existing Saorview devices  via a software update

Universal remote

 Fiddling with two remotes is a thing of the past. Our remote control will work on both your TV and your Powerpoint box


Once off payment for the approved Powerpoint box is €199.99 This may vary from store to store. Some further installation charges may apply depending on whether you need an aerial and/or satellite dish installed. If your home currently has both the device is easily set up.

The Powerpoint device functions perfectly well without the internet. However, in order to access services such as on-demand tv and spotlight an internet connection is required.

Recording is not yet possible but a software update in mid-2018 will enable recordings on all Powerpoint boxes. This will require you using an external USB hard drive. Recording will then be available as an automatic software update sent as a download to all existing Saorview Connect Boxes.

This service is licensed, legal and fully supported by Saorview. It is secure, user friendly and simple to use. It will not switch off and you will not lose channels. It comes with a programmed list for Irish, UK and International channels which you can easily rearrange to your own taste. We however have selected the top 60 watched channels for your convenience.

Saorview Connect is the next generation Saorview. It uses internet connectivity to allow viewers operate the On Demand TV Players and to scroll forward and backward to watch shows they've missed. It also allows viewers connect via a mobile phone using the Saorview Connect app to review what is on and set reminders to watch whilst on the go. Visit https://www.saorview.ie/ to learn more.