Saorview Connect Set Top Box

Model No: DXD7025    / EAN: 5391503413233

The new internet-connected Saorview Set Top Box

  • Free TV service with no contract and no monthly bills.
  • Easy-to-use interface in both English and Irish.
  • 7 day TV guide with roll-back guide for Saorview channels.
  • Recommendations on what to watch.
  • Search for programmes, set reminders and catch up on demand.
  • Connect to an aerial to receive Irish TV channels.
  • Connect to broadband by Ethernet (cable supplied) or Wi-Fi to access on demand content.
  • Connect to a satellite dish to receive over 100 additional free TV channels (optional).
  • Software update due shorthly will enable recordings (will require an external USB hard drive).
  • Pair with the Saorview mobile app for additional features.
  • HD and SD channels, radio stations, digital text, subtitles and audio description.
  • Set top box has terrestrial and satellite tuners.
  • Connect box to TV using HDMI cable (supplied).
  • Use the remote control to also control your TV.