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Your new appliance has been supplied by Shomar Ltd, Dublin. Combining years of knowledge and experience with our commitment to producing high-quality appliances is what makes us the country’s best, fully Irish owned, Domestic Appliance Distributor. We provide all after sales service from our Headquarters in Dublin.

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FREE 2 years Parts & Labour warranty on this product.

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Data protection: GDPR, came into effect on 25th May 2018, to give European citizens greater control over their personal data. We value your privacy and are committed to handling your personal data honestly, ethically, with integrity and in accordance with applicable laws. We work in conjunction with data protection guidelines. Be assured that your personal information is stored securely and any information given is only used for Shomar / Powerpoint Appliances and will not be shared with any third party.

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FREE 2 years Parts & Labour warranty on this product.

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Your serial number will appear on the appliance rating plate. This is a label that shows the brand, model number and serial number. This can be found at the back or inside the appliance. The number will begin with Serial No. or S/N. Please copy this number into your registration.

Declaration: I hereby apply for the Shomar Warranty Plan in accordance with the terms and conditions of the plan. I confirm that the equipment is in good working order and used for domestic purposes only and declare that the details in this proposal are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.

You must register your new appliance with Shomar to avail of the FREE 2 Year Parts & Labour Guarantee. Registering your appliance will also allow us to contact you in the unlikely event that a modification is required. In case of an insurance loss such as theft, fire or flood, your registration will serve as proof of purchase.

Terms and Conditions

The Guarantee only covers the appliance for use in a normal domestic environment. Institutional use or commercial use is not covered. (To obtain a commercial Guarantee on your appliance contact us on for more details)

The following is not covered by the Guarantee:

  • Complaints due to the use of incorrect voltage.
  • Failure of the water supply
  • Failure of the electricity supply
  • Failure to operate the appliance in line with the guidelines set out in the instruction manual.
  • Damage to the appliance or its components however caused.
  • Consumable items. E.g. Fuses, bulbs, broken glass, Knobs.
  • Blockages of Filters, drainage systems, soap dispensers etc
  • Repairs or modifications carried out by anyone other than Shomar authorized agents will deem the Guarantee Null and Void.
  • All Gas appliances must by law be fitted by a Registered Gas Installer. For further details see WWW.RGI.IE
  • Built In appliance installation and reversing the door hinges must be undertaken by a competent person.
  • If in any doubt about the installation of our domestic appliances please contact us on 01-4505327 for more details.

How to log a service call:

If in the event you need to log a service calls for your appliance you can contact our service department by email at Or at